Deirdre Smith Gilmer
When my husband and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina from New York City we found ourselves to be the proud owners of property in a rural area of town with a small house and a dilapidated barn. The Yoga Barn  was birthed as part of our vision for community living which includes a structure on site appropriate for yoga practice. The Yoga Barn is still in it's visionary stages but the dream continues to pull at my heart strings as a community gathering place for transformational healing, a refuge or safe haven, a shelter where community can grow and flourish.

As a barn needs a solid foundation, so do we all. In order to describe the foundations of my teaching I am calling it Living In Alignment Yoga. I bring to my classes a steady commitment to alignment, as well as physical and emotional safety, offering a unique balance of a challenging asana experience with a light-hearted approach . The welcoming environment of every class creates an atmosphere that is alive with questions, philosophy, and humor based on connecting real-life situations to the physical practice of asana. Living In Alignment Yoga is a bridge of tools and practices that lead you from your mat into your life more passionately and skillfully.